For Care Home/Nurses

Helping patients maintain quality of life

Improve medication adherence

Ideal for patients with multi-dose requirements

Reduce risk for medication-taking errors

Helps patients take the right medication and the right dose at the right time

Easily monitor and assist patients

Complete medication list for reference when discussing your patients’ care

Patients can take it on-the-go

Eliminates the need for pillboxes or single-dose bingo cards

Product Features

This Service provided will make the life of Patient’s families/Care-providers easier as all the medications are pre-packed and arranged for you to give directly to the patient.

Each Blister Pack contains all your prescribed medications for a specific time (morning, noon, evening, bedtime) and date. We can provide up to 4 weekly packs for the entire month.

If your facility decides to utilize our Services, we will provide you any equipment (such as Medication Carts) or paperwork (MAR’s) within 10 days. We will discuss this with you in detail in a face to face meeting as you may have other requirements such as Single Dose Packaging. We are flexible in what we can offer, please ask us.